Meet our Social Prescriber Team

We are fortunate at our Emsworth and Hayling Practices, to have a team of Social Prescriber Link Workers, helping patients to talk about their problems and prioritise well-being.

What is the role of a Social Prescriber Link Worker?

A Social Prescriber Link Worker works with patients to focus on what matters to them. Producing personalised care plans and connecting patients to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support. Link workers also forge relationships with community groups to share information that benefit our community.

Meet Louisa George and Ann-Marie McMurty-Irvine


We’re here to listen to what is important to you and put you in touch with people and activities that might help you to feel better. We can support and guide you to be introduced to a community group, a new activity or a local club. It could be links to legal advice, specialist services or local care support. It might just be a bit of inside knowledge on your situation and what local resources are available.

Who does Social Prescribing work for?

Social prescribing works for a range of people including those with one or more long-term health conditions, mental health issues, feelings of loneliness and isolation as well as complex social needs.

Book a meeting with Louisa or Ann-Marie

Our social prescribing link workers are keen to support you this winter. You can arrange a meeting by completing the online referral form here.